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I Need Cataclysm

Man I need Cataclysm. I do. I caught myself double checking my account status just the other night. Apparently my six-month subscription terminates at the end of May. I found myself considering letting it expire.

So Cataclysm apparently is going to be released this year. Well, not to be pessimistic, but I’ll believe it when I see it. But I sure hope it does. I need it.


‘Cuz Cataclysm is gonna save the world by destroying the world!

Yeah OK, again I’ll believe it when I see it, but I do need some change.

I’m burned out. Recent guild drama drained me emotionally. It isn’t anyone’s fault, it’s just part of the job we do. I signed up for it when I agreed to be an officer. I knew this would happen at times. But unfortunately it is not helping the burnout I’m feeling with raiding.

For me right now, raiding is about signing up, showing up, and downing bosses or pounding my head against a brick wall. I don’t read strats. I don’t read up on the latest glyphs, specs, enchants, gear, etc. I haven’t done a gear plan since Naxx.

In Burning Crusade I was all about reading boss strats, gear strategies, stat priorities, talents, etc. That was fun! I remember looking at Atlasloot and WoWHead on a daily basis trying to figure out the best way to plan my gear progression. I analyzed my gear constantly on websites. It was fun!

Why can’t I plan gear now? Well, I can but there isn’t any point to do so.

First, you can farm heroics for gear in the matter of a couple of days. In BC it took me weeks to farm one piece. Three hour heroics for three badges didn’t allow for quick gearing.

Second, because of limited time buying a piece of gear was a real investment. Sort of like how Frost Emblems are now to a certain extent. You were nearly guaranteed to get the drop you wanted the day after you spent your badges. And when you just spent 2-3 weeks farming the badges you really had to think about your choices.

But there was the fun! At least for me. Maybe not for everyone.

You can argue whatever position you want about gear progression in Wrath. Emblems are great! Emblems suck! Most of you know my position. It doesn’t mean that I disagree with those on the other side, it just means this is how the current gear system has affected my game.

Working my ass off to get one piece of badge gear was a feat! And no one can argue that I didn’t earn it! I remember that people were upset with badge gear when it came out. Supposedly it was just as good as T5 or better, although based on my own experiences I really didn’t think most of it was and still had to farm Kara for stuff.

The point is I had to research my gear. Plan the best course. Was it better to buy that badge gear or wait for the boss to drop loot? So researching and planning was an important part of the process. But even more importantly it was half the fun!

Gear in my opinion is messed up in more ways than I can count. It occurred to me that although I can reconcile my issue with quick gearing, what I can’t reconcile is my lack of interest.

Wednesday night I was bored out of my mind. I had no mana issues whatsoever and for you GearScore fanatics, I think my GS is around 5200. I don’t even have the best gear available to me.

So why bother? Why bother to do all that research in gear, talents, glyphs, gems, etc. to eek out a couple more points in spellpower, mp5, intellect, etc. when I’m just gonna faceroll my way through the content anyway?

Oh sure, there’s the argument that on the progression fights it’s important to get every last bit out of everyone and it is. Problem is our progression is never really an issue about gear, talents, gems, enchants, buffs, etc. It’s always about skill, paying attention, and fighting the lag boss. So again, why bother?

I miss the need to research boss fights. I miss the need to research specs. I miss the need to research gear. Maybe you don’t feel the same and think the way things are in end-game right now are great! Everyone’s seeing the content! And I agree that it’s great. I just disagree with how it’s been handled.

For light’s sake this is Casual Hardcore! Casual in play, but a hardcore attitude towards raiding and the endgame. I lost the drive that pushed me towards the hardcore. The game got too easy. And that’s why I need Cataclysm.  If for no other reason to have a solid breaking point where I can say I’m done with the endgame and just play to hang out.


7 Responses

  1. This makes me sad for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on.

    [Sarcasm On]
    Of course, if you really want a challenge that requires everything there, you could always respec your shaman elemental. I promise, you’ll stop facerolling and struggle for every little bit of DPS you can just to not embarrass yourself and be a detriment to your raid group!
    [Sarcasm Off]

    ::wanders off muttering & grumbling before she gets inappropriately ragey::

  2. Have you thought about organizing a h togc 10man? I hear that place is challenging.

  3. I agree and disagree with you (how’s that for decisive?).

    The status of emblems for gearing doesn’t feel all that different now than it did at the end of BC to me. I remember working out that I’d need approximately 800 badges to get all the gear I wanted. I also remember getting all those pieces of gear. I do think heroics today are a joke compared to heroics in BC; I still wish Blizz could figure out a way to make heroics scale based on gear level or experience of a group.

    i’m not as obsessive about strats or gear plans as I was in BC, but that’s not entirely a bad thing.

    ToC was the burnout point for me, while ICC has rekindled my love for raiding. Maybe my guild’s just not hardcore enough, but most of the fights in ICC remind me of the epic struggles we faced in SSC/TK/MH/BT.

    I hope you find that spark again for yourself. 🙂

  4. I know the feeling Ky. I stop my automatic subscription last week and have until next month to decide if I want to keep on playing. The list of in-game friends is getting shorter as they leave the game do to burn out or because of RL.
    I think overall LK has been a big disappointment. Not because of the content, but because of how face-roll Blizz has made the game. ICC is too hard? lets give buff. Want gear? just run Heroics until you are spec out in 245 purples. They are taking all the fun out of the game.

  5. I’m with you on this one Kyr

  6. @michael – Actually that’s not a bad idea!

    @raquoon – The ICC buff seemed too soon, but at the same time I’m in a guild that wants to take advantage of it. I do love the fact that it’s optional.

    @Thistleseer and raquoon – The current state of heroic farming is I think broken, but even though I agree that there is a disparity between the difficulty and the gear available, I think for myself it’s more of the fact that there is no need to do any planning because of it.

    It’s still a good business decision overall, although it still needs tweaking, and I can’t fault them for it, but it isn’t working for me personally.

  7. Well I can kind of see your point but at the same time there is content to see and do that is challenging. But the reward for doing it makes it less appealing to do.

    Especially in TOC. Why would anyone be in a hardcore raiding guild when they can see the entire instance on normal? I think they’re using the same content far too much. I mean the first week TOGC came out I was running that freaking room 4 times a week. That’s just boring.

    To be honest I’d much prefer the Ulduar model used more.

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