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New Personal Blog

I love writing about stuff too much to give it up totally so I decided to create a personal blog. So as requested by Kimberly, here it is.

Be forewarned that it will be random stuff as I come up with it. It will not be about WoW although I’m sure I’ll write about it from time to time. It won’t be for everyone, but if you’d like feel free to drop by.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish!

I’ve been fighting it for weeks now. Months really. End game has lost all interest for me. A very small part of me wants to down the Lich King, but the larger part couldn’t care less anymore.

I let the other officers know that I was going to take a raiding break. I decided that I would stick around to be a backup, but as long as any others were available, they should take them.

I?m not actually quitting the game yet. I?d still like to experience Cataclysm. But I also feel as if I?m done with the raiding scene. The inconsistent progression has left me wanting more than what Blizzard can offer there. Even sandbox video games (GTA anyone?) have some level of consistent progression, why shouldn?t WoW? I suppose it works for some, but not for me.

Because of that my interest in the endgame was lost. I stopped researching my classes. I stopped attempting to min-max my toons. I stopped gear research. I stopped boss research. I stopped all of the fun things that make the actual act of raiding fun. I really do believe that 75% of the fun in raiding is doing all the stuff to prepare before actually setting foot in the instance.

As for other aspects of the game, I still intend to finish leveling my toons to 80 if at all possible. But that too has lost some of its appeal as well. I get the feeling that Mach hopes dps’ing will get me back into raiding. And I suppose part of me hopes that as well, but I’m not too positive it will. On top of that my wife is pregnant with our third and should be due right around October. Given that Blizzcon will be in October and everyone’s expecting Cataclysm to immediately follow I won’t be available for raiding in the new expansion anyway.

I would like to experience PvP with a decent PvP class/spec, but I don?t know that I have the patience for that. I?ve always sucked at it and the only times I?ve truly enjoyed it was when it was going my way. 😛

I have a lot of emotional attachment to this blog. So it is with somewhat of a heavy heart that I close this one.

I’d like to thank the writers of all the blogs I’ve been following for some time now (all 141 of you!!!), most of whom don’t know I follow you because either work has blocked you or I’m just not that social of a person. You’ve saved me from many a boring day when work was slow.

I’d like to thank all of my readers! Every one of you! Even though few of you ever commented, the support I got from those of you that added me to your feed readers was absolutely great! It kept me going at times when I felt like quitting, but didn’t want to.

I’ll still be leaving this site up. I like to think there’s still some good information on it and with everything I invested in it I cannot bring myself to delete it. I’m especially proud of my Newbie Raider’s Guides and the whole Auction House Experiment. Regardless of how the game changes, a lot of the ideas there I believe will continue to be valid.

I’ll leave comments active for a time, but I’ll probably turn those off in a month to keep those damn spammers off of it! 🙂

So thanks again! And if there’s one thing I hope you went away with besides entertainment, I hope that you can strive to be a little nicer than however nice you were before. Just because someone’s a jerk, don’t let that ruin the experience for you by dragging you down too. Just remember it’s a game.

[Edit: I tried to leave a comment from my phone today and somehow lost half of my post. I’ve tried to recreate it here. I also didn’t realize it was April Fool’s when I posted this. Although that’s pretty hilarious, I did want to let you know that this isn’t a joke. My time blogging is over. Maybe someday I’ll pick it up again, but I doubt it.]