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Blogging About Your Guild

Well as you may or may not be aware Brotherhood of Oblivion has been having its problems, hiccups, road bumps, snafus, etc. And like many guilds we were perhaps a little slow to react. There are an infinite number of fine lines you have to walk when leading a guild in a game. In doing that sometimes you find yourself reacting a little slower than you should, but faster than appropriate and finding the sweet spot is a bitch!

I don’t know that we hit our sweet spot, but there are already a few simple posts reacting to our guild meeting.

But let me take a step back and beat the dead horse by talking about something that’s flooded our little corner of the blogosphere the past few weeks. Several posts already exist right now about blogging publicly about your guild and more are being added every day. One reaction was the creation of a blogging guild called Single Abstract Noun that I’m sure we’re all familiar with if we haven’t already joined*.

Blogging About Your Guild

It’s your blog. Write what you want. Just be prepared to deal with the potential backlash.

This is the message we conveyed at our guild meeting. This is the message I personally believe in.

Contrary to what our blogging mage believes, this point was not brought up initially** because of his blog. Rather this point was brought up…how shall I put this? It was brought up because real people have real feelings. And it apparently became an issue that surfaced behind the scenes and was addressed in an officer meeting. To protect the people and the blogs involved, I will go no further than that.

Now you could argue that I gave away too much. That it’s easy for people to figure this out. And from my perspective, being aware of who and what this revolves around, it is. But from the average reader’s point of view it may or may not.

I am one who believes there’s no point in hiding anything. But…and there’s always a but…there is a proper way in which to do it. I for one do not normally believe in calling people out by name unless I’m willing to deal with the aftermath.

But what if I describe some guild drama that’s prevalent enough that guildies can figure out who and what I’m talking about?

So what? Those guildies already know who those people are and probably already know the situation so what’s really different? Perhaps I’m only adding fuel to the fire by being more verbal about it, yes. And that is one more factor I have to consider when blogging about my guild. But for non-guildies chances are you are not likely to care about the specific who’s who of any drama.

As part of that discussion though, the point was brought up that blogging publicly and addressing negative aspects about your guild makes it look bad.

I disagree.

If written correctly and as long as it doesn’t appear to be a non-stop tirade of drama after drama, I don’t think it makes the guild look bad at all. It makes the guild look real. Any guild out there professing to be drama free is a guild I’d be scared to join. Even social leveling guilds have their level of drama. What’s important is how they deal with that drama.

Beruthiel wrote a great post a while back giving us (Brotherhood of Oblivion) what she calls unsolicited and possibly unwanted advice. To that I say hogwash! What is a rant post except a cry for help and/or understanding?

So blog about your guilds! No one wants to read strats and theorycrafting 24/7! And if you do? Seriously. You need a new hobby. Seek professional help. 😛

*I’ve debated whether to join this guild. On the one hand, I’m sure it’s pretty cool to actually get to talk to a lot of you. On the other hand, I’m a horrible conversationalist with people I don’t know. I’m the guy who doesn’t rock the boat until I’m comfortable knowing full well that everyone will think it’s funny as hell when the others fall out! 😛

**I say initially because obviously afterwards there were discussions about some of his and others’ posts in recent weeks.


Ky’s Moral Code (Ky Has Morals?!)

When I was 7 or 8 years old I remember getting mad at my younger sister a lot. She was only a year and a half younger than I and we used to compete in everything. She was a major tomboy and growing up on a farm in Bear Lake, Idaho only served to reinforce that trait in her. Being the younger sister she felt compelled to be better at everything I did. As the older sibling and feeling superior for being a boy (Hey, I was 7 or 8! Boys were better at everything! Besides girls had cooties!) I didn’t feel too threatened, but there were times when she’d just push me a little too far!

I remember one particular morning. I’m pretty sure it was a Saturday. Dad had gotten back from milking the cows that morning, finished breakfast, and was getting ready to head out again. As a young half-Japanese boy I was pretty sure that I was a ninja. So when my sister upset me, I did what any ninja would do. I jump kicked her in the chest and knocked her to the ground! Hai-ya!

Unfortunately young little ninjas are no match for 5’10” 190 lbs of muscle…

My father played football. He was in the Army. He worked on a farm. He chucked bales of hay. He fixed fences. He worked on tractors. He moved sprinkler pipe by hand. I’m talking the 40′ length 6″ diameter bastards! And probably a mile or two of it when he did! In winter time he did this in his army jacket.
In other words, he was big and he was scary when he wanted to be!

So it is no small miracle that I didn’t crap my drawers as he grabbed the front of my shirt, lifted me up, looked me straight in the eye and said in a very calm, but stern voice, “If you ever hit your sister or any girl ever again, I will hit you as hard as I can.”

As I stared at this bear of a man, my life flashing before my eyes and praying for a re-run, I choked back the tears and with a timid gulp replied, “Okay…”
Fast forward four or five years…

We had moved off the farm and were living in Eugene, Oregon. It was a beautiful, sunny (which is a miracle in and of itself west of the Cascade Mountains) Sunday afternoon. Church had just finished and I was looking forward to going home, taking off my blasted tie, and goofing off. Unfortunately, my family had a tendency to take their time once church got out. They would get caught up socializing with people in the hallways and foyers. And with the impatience of a 12 year old I decided I was going to “prompt” my family into going home by waiting for them in the car.

Wading through the sea of people I approached the exit, walked calmly through, and proceeded my way across the parking lot…

“BRIAN!”, came the yell that stopped me dead in my tracks. “Get over here NOW!!!” (Yeah, my name is Brian. How weird is that?)

Turning I saw my father standing at the door to the church in a fit of rage. Wondering what in the world I could have possibly done to have upset my father, I noticed a woman walking through the lot looking at me obviously wondering the same thing.

As I approached my dad he placed his hand on my shoulder and firmly turned me around pointing at the woman. “Do you see that lady?” he asked.

“Yes,” I gulped. Clearly more confused than ever. Secretly wondering if she had told on me for something I wasn’t even sure I had done.

“You didn’t hold the door open for her,” he said.

Blinking I couldn’t believe that my dad had yelled at me from across a parking lot at church of all places for this! Are you kidding me?! How was I supposed to know that she was there? I didn’t see her coming behind me. And I told him so.

“You didn’t bother to look,” was his only response. I could see the disappointment on his face as he turned and walked away.

I normally tell these two stories around topics of chivalry, dating, and the general treatment of women. My dad raised me to respect women and treat them differently than men. I hesitate to say better, because he wanted me to treat everyone with respect, but he did teach me to treat women differently. But for the purposes of this post, I tell these two stories to explain my own views of how to treat people in general.

1 -Just because you can do something to someone else, doesn’t mean you should.

2- Just because you didn’t know doesn’t excuse the fact that you didn’t bother to look.

This post was inspired by a recent post by Beruthiel. It reached a length over 3400 words and wasn’t close to being done, so I shortened it considerably. The other two parts will probably appear in the next couple of days as separate posts.


You ever have one of those days where you just want to /ignore everyone?

Trade chat? Check.
Battlegrounds? Check.
General? Check.
Guild chat? Check?

Sometimes you want to be the center of attention. Other times you want to slink off into the shadows. And sometimes you’re just plain emo…

Krikket whispered me in an ICC10 the other day nominating me for sainthood. I asked why and apparently she thinks I have a lot of patience. My reply was “only in public”. 🙂

Either way sometimes I just reach the end of my rope and sometimes I just don’t know why.

So last night I log in to game and Vent with the intent of getting my warrior to 60. That’s when it happened. One tiny little thing set my mood for the rest of the night.

So with a little irritation I queue up for an AV run. The 51-60 bracket sucks big time since there only ever seems to be one group at a time so the wait is sometimes horrible. But it didn’t take too long before I joined a fail group that was deadlocked at two towers down and one bunker. Well at least we’re winning, but I just missed out on a buttload of experience. 😦 Then the accusations start flying as there isn’t a single ally on defense since we’ve got the entire Horde stuck at their end between TP and FWGY. We’re winning by less than a hundred reinforcements, but it’s deadlocked and I know I am not going to get much experience out of this win or lose. And I didn’t. Kind of a waste, but at least we won.

Unfortunately a few other things happen and I decide I can’t take it anymore. My finger itches towards the /gquit button. I hesistate knowing full well that I’m just being emotional and for really stupid reasons to boot. But hey, even the guy who doesn’t give a rat’s ass what people think of him has feelings from time to time.

So as I sit there going through scenarios about what my quitting would do and chuckling over the thought of Amber /flailing, I decide the best thing to do is log off.

The kids not going to bed and staying in bed didn’t improve my mood. Call of Duty didn’t actually improve my mood either because for whatever reason lately CoD likes to pair me into the fail groups so I lose a lot. I almost always have the highest kill/death ratio and often have the highest or 2nd highest number of kills on my team, but I fail at winning (which is odd since I have a 0.95 win/lose ratio so I shouldn’t complain too much, but I will anyway).

I suppose if there’s a lesson to be learned here it’s that you should never do anything rash in the moment. Anyway, still emo and still wanting to /ignore the world.

Guild Update

So we’ve had some major changes in guild and we couldn’t be more excited!

We’re making new friends from Doomhammer that decided to transfer over and join the flail that is BoO. Twelve of them made the transfer, although if I’m not mistaken only 10 of them will be raiding with us. The excitement is pretty thick right now! We’re pretty sure we’ll be able to start fielding full guild 25s!

That said we lost about 20 other members… Oh wait! That’s just two with all of their alts… XD

Apparently something happened in Vent while the officers were in another channel. I don’t know all the details. All I know is that something was said and one of our new recruits began defending the others. Apparently several minutes later the person who said something that was taken as rude, apparently was butthurt and in a fit of rage started gquitting all of his toons and I think his wife’s toons as well.

Well apparently she felt bad and apologized several times. But this isn’t the first time this guy has gquit and I’ll bet it won’t be the last.

Don’t get me wrong. I like the guy, but even not knowing the whole story I can believe it because the first time I ever encountered him after transferring to this server he rubbed me the wrong way. I remember he said something to me and it wasn’t so much what he said as how condescending he sounded.

So all I can say is don’t feel bad. It’s just the way he is. If nothing else, perma-mute him. I did for 4-5 months. Besides I’m sick of the drama. It was funny the first time, but not so much anymore.

Maybe I’m a dick, but I whispered Amber wondering if it would be inappropriate to promote you for doing us a favor. LOL!

To: Mom w/ <3

Amber: I hate you
me: ?
Amber: “Ky told me to call you mom.” Haaaate.
Old man.
me: lmao
seriously. lmfao
Amber: /rude
me: rude w/ ❤
Amber: Pfft
me: i totally forgot about that lmao
me: yeah well you can hate me more now lol **
Amber: …what did you do?
me: …nothing…
Amber: ….
me: there really needs to be an emote for shit grin

*See my comment about Amber in yesterday’s post. 😛
**See my comment in Amber’s post. 😛

Later that evening…

Belated Anniversary

No, not that one thank the light! I have a few more months until that one…the big 10! No the one I’m talking about is Wrath.

Wrath released November 13th, 2009. It’s been a year!


Actually, you ever have that feeling where you can’t believe it’s been that long and at the same time you can’t believe IT’S ONLY BEEN THAT LONG?! Yes, Wrath has been wonderful and with some respects it feels like it’s gone really fast. In other respects it feels like I’ve died and gone to hell only to suffer for all eternity!

OK, it’s not quite that bad, but it has been an eventful year. So I’m thinking a recap is in order.

November 2008

Started leveling Kyrilean through Northrend. Within two weeks I was 80. Sure wasn’t the fastest in the guild or on my server, but then again I had real life duties to attend to like work and family. Damn real life!

The two things I remember the most vividly about those intial experiences were questing and the new dungeons. The quests were varied and amazing! Drops were more prevalent than they had been in BC and definitely better when compared to Vanilla. No more grind fests!!! 🙂 And the dungeons were…easy. I remember running Azjol-Nerub the first time. It was the first dungeon I’d run and my friends were bugging me to come heal it. I really wanted to keep questing and wasn’t looking forward to a 2 hour grindfest at the moment, but I went anyway…and we were done in less than 30 minutes!!!

All I can remember is thinking, “That’s it?!” To this day I’m disappointed in the 5-man dungeons. Sure they were at least a little challenging at first, but we didn’t have to utilize any strategy like CC!!! It was run in, faceroll your keys, and unless you were really bad the bosses died. They were definitely an improvement on the 3-hour slugfests that were a lot of BC runs (man I hate Shadow Labs*), but less than 30 minutes?! Hell, even Ramparts took the better part of an hour until you geared well beyond it.

December 2008 to March 2009

Naxxramas and the gear grind. Gear plans. Class study. I even posted my series of Holy Paladin guides, which are way outdated btw. This was also unfortunately the start of the end for me.

With a few exceptions, leveling guilds level at different levels. It’s inevitable. Everyone spends a different amount of time on questing, instancing, and afking. I for one spent every second reading every letter of quest text. I’d just spent a nice chunk of change on this expansion and was going to get my entertainment’s worth. Others I knew flew so fast past the quest text that when others asked questions about quests, they had no idea what you were talking about.

Because everyone hit 80 at a different time, that’s when the drama started. Although my memory is probably somewhat fuzzy and more than likely jaded to an extent, I put all the drama squarely on the shoulders of three groups of people.

Group 1 – An officer tank and a pvp’ing, flirtatious mage that had said officer tank wrapped around her little finger.

The mage had joined our guild due to her friendship with the tank. Due to some luck she geared up quickly in Zul’Aman and mysteriously was unavailable for raids after that, although she spent 5-6 hours each evening in battlegrounds. She and the tank were also the first to hit 80 and grinded out heroics while everyone was still finishing leveling. They then became unavailable to assist others in the heroic grind, going so far as to play alts on another server or at least the other faction in an effort to avoid us according to rumor, but crawled out of the woodwork as soon as we were ready for Naxx.

The tank thought he was Blizzard’s gift to Arathor-US. He thought he was the best tank out there and ten times better than our current main tank Zeza, who I’d venture to say is probably still the best tank I’ve ever met. I’d even heard him say he was better than Zeza and was upset about the whole thing. Ask the healers and we all said he was a good tank, but he was not as good at grabbing loose mobs, nor was he as good at avoidance. The guy took spiky damage at the weirdest times and would get two shotted more times than I care to remember.

After a huge blow up with a drunk GM, things were said and they quit the guild to start their own raiding guild telling us off and that they would do much better. I don’t think they ever recruited ten members. 🙂

Group 2 – Wife/husband combo.

I recruited this group. They’re good people. Even today I think they’re probably good people. But drama followed those two like flies after a manure spreader!!! I remember the wife bitching and moaning about loot given to lesser geared people when rolls were won by her or her husband. We had a loot council system back then. You rolled if you were interested. Loot council made the decisions at that point.

They were good players. It only made it more frustrating that we needed and wanted their heals; one was a druid, the other a shaman. So enter pressure. We needed them. We wanted them. It’s my own damn fault for letting them get to a point where they could dictate to an extent how things were run because I was so afraid that we’d lose them.

Group 3 – All the little whiny ass, snot-nosed kids that felt entitled.

I hit 80 first, I deserve to go to Naxx. I shouldn’t have to run with the “B-group”. I needed that item more than the guy that won it. I shouldn’t need to gem and enchant my gear until I have all purples. I don’t need to bring food buffs, someone’s got fish feasts. I don’t have time for dailies and can’t afford flasks.

But you sure as hell feel entitled to anything and everything the guild officers are working so hard to give everyone, don’tcha?!

March 2009

I wanted to raid, but didn’t feel like raiding with any other guild on that server. I wanted to raid with my friends, but the drama and self-imposed responsibility of trying to keep everyone happy finally broke me. I didn’t want to raid with any other guild on that server. I still wanted to raid, but knew I’d run a /who search every night to see what they were doing and that wasn’t something I could live with. I knew I’d go running back to them eventually and I couldn’t do that. Why?

I never admitted this to my friends, but a year has passed and perhaps it’s time to admit it. I couldn’t raid with them because of Group 2. I was so sick and tired of the drama those two caused that I was done. They had gotten so bad that I almost canceled my account. I was quitting a game over two people I had never even met! How fucked up is that?! But on the other hand, I couldn’t give my guild an ultimatum. It wasn’t right for me to say “Me or them.” So I left the server to prevent myself from going back to the guild and living in misery. I was too addicted to quit.

So it was with a lot of thought and heavy heart, I made the decision to switch servers.

March 2009 to present

Naxx25 runs with my new guild were a lot of fun. They were almost always full guild runs and we flew through them relatively easily, but not easy enough to make it boring. When Ulduar finally hit, raiding went to hell. Granted we lost people to summer, but even still it was worse than expected. Ulduar was tough the first few weeks and people disappeared when the content got too hard, but they came back with a vengeance for ToC…

In the offtime, I had spent a lot of time gearing up other toons, going after achievements, and just learning to play the game around things other than raiding. I also learned how to play the AH and brought in over 200,000 gold in less than four months. Granted I spent 150,000 of it on mats and other items. My guess is that 110,000 of it was mats and the other 40,000 was for “loans” and craftable gear for me and friends.

But that got boring too and after having leveled all four healing classes and a DK, I continued on with the other five classes leveling 5 levels at a time before switching. What this means is that I can play all classes, but know nothing and suck at all of them too! 🙂

What’s Next?

Well, as much as I’d like to get into heroic ToC (and damn it I really do) I’m concerned with the next step. If it’s too easy, I may just quit raiding altogether. If it’s too hard, I’m afraid others might. On top of this you have the holidays and all the joys it brings!

Real life events will interfere to a certain extent making raiding a little harder. In some cases, it might get easier. Add to that the holiday releases of new games and who knows what will happen? I know I for one will be on less when I finally buy CoD: MW2 tomorrow. And the wife is getting me Assassin’s Creed 2 for Christmas so…yeah. 🙂 But it’s kind of scary when I log on and I’m the only officer around. It’s not that the others have disappeared from the game permanently, but when the officers** don’t make regular appearances I begin to wonder what members think. I know I’d be concerned.

So I think 3.3 can’t come soon enough. My guild needs it.

*LOL, I only have to run it about 5 more times to hit Exalted with Lower City! Soloing it is kind of fun! 🙂
**Actually one of them just RPs a lot on another server and needs to come back and entertain me on Vent if nothing else!!! Hell, Amber’s GM now and should be on Vent to entertain me too! And I’m too poor to transfer 10 toons to another server!!!



I’ve really got altitis right now. If you’ll notice on my sidebar, all of my alts at this time are currently at least level 30, except the mage.

Try as I might to love the Mage, I just can’t. I was leveling frost spec until last night. It’s boring!!! So when I hit 24, I switched to fire to change things up. Problem is it’s still the same at level 24. Boring! There is a good chance that I’m dysfunctional and don’t know what the hell I’m doing… Frostbolt, Arcane Missiles, Fire Blast, Ice Whatchamafreezethemob*, run away or Blink, and continue blasting until dead. At least fire spec changed it up a bit so instead of Arcane Missiles I was using a lot more fire spells for the hell of it. Saw a little faster damage, but overall still boring. 😦

The Warlock finally got a little play time and to be honest, it isn’t as much fun as it once was. My little tank fiend is getting better at holding aggro, but I still often have to just dot the mob and wand away. Pretty boring. I was finally able to practice aoe’ing a little bit though since I’ve noticed his threat has jumped significantly in the last few levels. But it’s somewhat difficult to do still since I end up aggro’ing extra mobs and even when I do survive the downtime of getting mana back sucks. Then again, I could totally be doing it wrong and I’m just one of those noobs.

The Hunter is fun. I tamed a raptor in Wetlands the other day to see what that was like compared to the bear. Works pretty well! 🙂 Mana is an issue though. Seems like I always run out way too fast so I usually end up hitting a mob with poison and then auto-shooting. Not sure why that’s more fun than wanding with a warlock, but it is. Maybe it’s the sound of the gunshot? 😛

The Warrior is surprisingly fun! More so than I thought it would be. It used to actually be the one class I disliked above all others, but it’s definitely picked up some. Especially now with dual-wield I can generate enough rage to keep going. And I can even hit multiple mobs with little downtime. 🙂

The Rogue is fun. I never thought it would be. I’ve tried leveling them in the past, but I never could get past about level 15. The combo point mechanic was just too weird for me, but after having leveled a druid it definitely is a lot easier to understand and stealthing is always fun. 🙂 I’m also motivated by the potential of pvp’ing with the rogue. There’s some definite sense of satisfaction about sneaking up on an enemy and hitting him while he’s trying to cap something.

I am ashamed to admit that I did gank someone last week. I was level 28 and snuck up behind a level 29 Horde paladin near Southshore. She was leveling near Southshore and I stealthed with the intent to move to another area when the bright idea hit me to see what all the fuss was about:

    You know. That paladin probably wouldn’t hesitate to gank you. You haven’t yet run across a single Hordie on this server that hasn’t at least tried to kill you if they were anywhere close to your level or much higher.
    Yeah, but I don’t play that way. I have nothing to prove by being able to kill someone. At least not outside arenas and battlegrounds. It’s why I never accept duel requests.
    You don’t accept duel requests because you suck at PvP!!! Besides she’s one level higher than you! It’s basically equal footing. It’s not like you’re 10 levels higher which would prove nothing more than you’re an ass!
    I got better things to do, like questing.
    Come on! Just try it! First, you’re dying to see it from a rogue’s point of view and second, you’re curious as to why people do this. Try it! You may find out why the average rogue is such an ass!
    Fine. Let’s see what happens.

Anyway, all I proved is that when you engage someone while they’re already in combat with mobs, you generally have the upper hand. I did feel somewhat guilty after the fact because this isn’t how I play. I did however try to console my guilt by saying that this person probably ganked me on her main at some point. 🙂

But why the sudden altitis this past month?

I’ve been debating for about a week whether to bring this topic to light. In fact, I hinted at it recently. Then Amber, Rivs, and Cel all hinted at it too so what the hell.

Bottom line, I’m tired of raiding because of attitude. It’s negative. We all know I don’t care about loot. I have sufficient for the content we’re doing. I’ll get sufficient for the content we’ll end up doing. I’m not worried. It’s the fact that raids are no longer fun.

To be fair to all, I must point out that I have little to no detail in some areas and am guessing at others. Bottom line it appears that illness and real life issues have cropped up in the background. The added stress has not helped the raid leaders and complaints in guild, raid, healer, and officer channels have brought a couple of people to the breaking point where tempers flare.

Whatever the causes it has finally been acknowledge by our officers. We had a brief meeting after our so-called “fail raid”.  We will be working on it further so that even if our raids are still “fail” in the sense of difficulty on bosses, they will not be “fail” in the sense of fun. 🙂

P.S. Mach, I really miss this…


P.S.S. To the rest of you, we were having a little trouble with this fight way back when. Amber abused Raid Warning while Mach calmly explained the fight in Vent. Now one might find that distracting and annoying while an explanation is going on and perhaps it is, especially by someone not as entertaining as Amber, but I think the added effect was it made the raid a little more fun.

Now I don’t have a recording of her in Vent, although I should probably start doing that, but Amber is also very good at voicing things in a certain way. Her tone doesn’t carry the harsh accusatory tone you often hear in pugs. I’ve heard her get that motherly tone in her voice where she starts to speak softly when she says something like “Ky, dear. You have to stay out of the fire. Standing in fire is bad, mkay?” If most of us tried to say something like that, it would come off as condescending. Perhaps some people think she is, but I for one find she’s not and it’s a lot easier to accept her comments as constructive criticism than accepting someone yelling “Ky! Stay out of the fucking fire!”

As an officer, and more importantly as a raider, it’s my responsibility to help out the raid leaders in whatever capacity I can. They aren’t getting paid to provide me entertainment. What they do can be very difficult and like I said I’m no good at it and don’t want to be. I’d rather someone else lead the way and I’ll enjoy the ride.

So basically I just need to help out by being a little more positive. Maybe that attitude can be contagious. 🙂

So in the interest of being positive about negative things, have fun with this.

Man I miss his show! 😀

*You have to give me credit for even remembering the names of the first three spells. I can’t ever remember the names of my healing spells!