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I’m Back; And I Carry My Guild

So last week apparently was really bad for our guild’s first attempt at ICC25. Apparently we didn’t down a single boss. Oh and I wasn’t there.

Last night’s attempt saw us succeed in downing two bosses plus Gunship which doesn’t count. Apparently I carry my guild. 😛

Even though we wiped several times on Marrowgar it went quite well and I had a ton of fun. Cuz of crap like this. 😀


To: Mom w/ <3

Amber: I hate you
me: ?
Amber: “Ky told me to call you mom.” Haaaate.
Old man.
me: lmao
seriously. lmfao
Amber: /rude
me: rude w/ ❤
Amber: Pfft
me: i totally forgot about that lmao
me: yeah well you can hate me more now lol **
Amber: …what did you do?
me: …nothing…
Amber: ….
me: there really needs to be an emote for shit grin

*See my comment about Amber in yesterday’s post. 😛
**See my comment in Amber’s post. 😛

Later that evening…

A Reminder As To Why I Play

Every once in a while I need a reminder as to why I continue to play this game. Fortunately, every so often the reminder slaps me right in the face. 🙂

Sorry the images are not the best quality so I’ve included typed up versions, although in a couple of cases I edited a word or two. Don’t want search engines to find me on those words.

Unfortunately, my screenshot cut out my reply on the first one. 😛

[Raid] [Orithea]: I have a peanut butter ice cream sandwich
[Raid] [Orithea]:it’s the most delicious thing I’ve ever put in my mouth

[Raid Warning] [Lyrandre]: Don’t Stand In The Bad (TM)
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: damn i’m standing next to amber again
Lyrandre slaps you across the face. Ouch!
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: 🙂
[Raid] [Orithea]: SNAP
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: Do you see the shit they say to me Ry?
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: They’re worse than mom is
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: did i say that to her? NO! i said that to everyone else lol
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: F*** you Ky
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: ❤
[Raid] [Shiveria]: be mean to my sissie and ill choke u and cut off some certian parts uil need
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: lol when did you get violent
[Raid] [Shiveria]: picked it up over time
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: idk, but she’s underage and the joke that’s hidden there would not be appropriate
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: only for 2 more days
[Raid] [Shiveria]: 2 days
[Raid] [Orithea]: your jokes are never appropriate 😛
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: and?
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: Also people being underage has never stopped us before
[Raid] [Orithea]: (neither are mine so you’re in good company)
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: that just means we made p___bear jokes
[Raid] [Erdkrieg]: yeah but i’m a father and so i at least have to pretend to be appropriate
[Raid Leader] [Lyrandre]: Bullshit

It’s just a lot of fun raiding with these guys! 😀

Cast of Suckers

Lyrandre – a.k.a. Amber
Orithea – a.k.a. Celaeno
Shiveria – a.k.a. Ry or Amber’s clone. (Seriously! Other than a slight difference in pitch and/or volume, they sound the same on Vent!)
Erdkrieg – a.k.a. Me

Belated Anniversary

No, not that one thank the light! I have a few more months until that one…the big 10! No the one I’m talking about is Wrath.

Wrath released November 13th, 2009. It’s been a year!


Actually, you ever have that feeling where you can’t believe it’s been that long and at the same time you can’t believe IT’S ONLY BEEN THAT LONG?! Yes, Wrath has been wonderful and with some respects it feels like it’s gone really fast. In other respects it feels like I’ve died and gone to hell only to suffer for all eternity!

OK, it’s not quite that bad, but it has been an eventful year. So I’m thinking a recap is in order.

November 2008

Started leveling Kyrilean through Northrend. Within two weeks I was 80. Sure wasn’t the fastest in the guild or on my server, but then again I had real life duties to attend to like work and family. Damn real life!

The two things I remember the most vividly about those intial experiences were questing and the new dungeons. The quests were varied and amazing! Drops were more prevalent than they had been in BC and definitely better when compared to Vanilla. No more grind fests!!! 🙂 And the dungeons were…easy. I remember running Azjol-Nerub the first time. It was the first dungeon I’d run and my friends were bugging me to come heal it. I really wanted to keep questing and wasn’t looking forward to a 2 hour grindfest at the moment, but I went anyway…and we were done in less than 30 minutes!!!

All I can remember is thinking, “That’s it?!” To this day I’m disappointed in the 5-man dungeons. Sure they were at least a little challenging at first, but we didn’t have to utilize any strategy like CC!!! It was run in, faceroll your keys, and unless you were really bad the bosses died. They were definitely an improvement on the 3-hour slugfests that were a lot of BC runs (man I hate Shadow Labs*), but less than 30 minutes?! Hell, even Ramparts took the better part of an hour until you geared well beyond it.

December 2008 to March 2009

Naxxramas and the gear grind. Gear plans. Class study. I even posted my series of Holy Paladin guides, which are way outdated btw. This was also unfortunately the start of the end for me.

With a few exceptions, leveling guilds level at different levels. It’s inevitable. Everyone spends a different amount of time on questing, instancing, and afking. I for one spent every second reading every letter of quest text. I’d just spent a nice chunk of change on this expansion and was going to get my entertainment’s worth. Others I knew flew so fast past the quest text that when others asked questions about quests, they had no idea what you were talking about.

Because everyone hit 80 at a different time, that’s when the drama started. Although my memory is probably somewhat fuzzy and more than likely jaded to an extent, I put all the drama squarely on the shoulders of three groups of people.

Group 1 – An officer tank and a pvp’ing, flirtatious mage that had said officer tank wrapped around her little finger.

The mage had joined our guild due to her friendship with the tank. Due to some luck she geared up quickly in Zul’Aman and mysteriously was unavailable for raids after that, although she spent 5-6 hours each evening in battlegrounds. She and the tank were also the first to hit 80 and grinded out heroics while everyone was still finishing leveling. They then became unavailable to assist others in the heroic grind, going so far as to play alts on another server or at least the other faction in an effort to avoid us according to rumor, but crawled out of the woodwork as soon as we were ready for Naxx.

The tank thought he was Blizzard’s gift to Arathor-US. He thought he was the best tank out there and ten times better than our current main tank Zeza, who I’d venture to say is probably still the best tank I’ve ever met. I’d even heard him say he was better than Zeza and was upset about the whole thing. Ask the healers and we all said he was a good tank, but he was not as good at grabbing loose mobs, nor was he as good at avoidance. The guy took spiky damage at the weirdest times and would get two shotted more times than I care to remember.

After a huge blow up with a drunk GM, things were said and they quit the guild to start their own raiding guild telling us off and that they would do much better. I don’t think they ever recruited ten members. 🙂

Group 2 – Wife/husband combo.

I recruited this group. They’re good people. Even today I think they’re probably good people. But drama followed those two like flies after a manure spreader!!! I remember the wife bitching and moaning about loot given to lesser geared people when rolls were won by her or her husband. We had a loot council system back then. You rolled if you were interested. Loot council made the decisions at that point.

They were good players. It only made it more frustrating that we needed and wanted their heals; one was a druid, the other a shaman. So enter pressure. We needed them. We wanted them. It’s my own damn fault for letting them get to a point where they could dictate to an extent how things were run because I was so afraid that we’d lose them.

Group 3 – All the little whiny ass, snot-nosed kids that felt entitled.

I hit 80 first, I deserve to go to Naxx. I shouldn’t have to run with the “B-group”. I needed that item more than the guy that won it. I shouldn’t need to gem and enchant my gear until I have all purples. I don’t need to bring food buffs, someone’s got fish feasts. I don’t have time for dailies and can’t afford flasks.

But you sure as hell feel entitled to anything and everything the guild officers are working so hard to give everyone, don’tcha?!

March 2009

I wanted to raid, but didn’t feel like raiding with any other guild on that server. I wanted to raid with my friends, but the drama and self-imposed responsibility of trying to keep everyone happy finally broke me. I didn’t want to raid with any other guild on that server. I still wanted to raid, but knew I’d run a /who search every night to see what they were doing and that wasn’t something I could live with. I knew I’d go running back to them eventually and I couldn’t do that. Why?

I never admitted this to my friends, but a year has passed and perhaps it’s time to admit it. I couldn’t raid with them because of Group 2. I was so sick and tired of the drama those two caused that I was done. They had gotten so bad that I almost canceled my account. I was quitting a game over two people I had never even met! How fucked up is that?! But on the other hand, I couldn’t give my guild an ultimatum. It wasn’t right for me to say “Me or them.” So I left the server to prevent myself from going back to the guild and living in misery. I was too addicted to quit.

So it was with a lot of thought and heavy heart, I made the decision to switch servers.

March 2009 to present

Naxx25 runs with my new guild were a lot of fun. They were almost always full guild runs and we flew through them relatively easily, but not easy enough to make it boring. When Ulduar finally hit, raiding went to hell. Granted we lost people to summer, but even still it was worse than expected. Ulduar was tough the first few weeks and people disappeared when the content got too hard, but they came back with a vengeance for ToC…

In the offtime, I had spent a lot of time gearing up other toons, going after achievements, and just learning to play the game around things other than raiding. I also learned how to play the AH and brought in over 200,000 gold in less than four months. Granted I spent 150,000 of it on mats and other items. My guess is that 110,000 of it was mats and the other 40,000 was for “loans” and craftable gear for me and friends.

But that got boring too and after having leveled all four healing classes and a DK, I continued on with the other five classes leveling 5 levels at a time before switching. What this means is that I can play all classes, but know nothing and suck at all of them too! 🙂

What’s Next?

Well, as much as I’d like to get into heroic ToC (and damn it I really do) I’m concerned with the next step. If it’s too easy, I may just quit raiding altogether. If it’s too hard, I’m afraid others might. On top of this you have the holidays and all the joys it brings!

Real life events will interfere to a certain extent making raiding a little harder. In some cases, it might get easier. Add to that the holiday releases of new games and who knows what will happen? I know I for one will be on less when I finally buy CoD: MW2 tomorrow. And the wife is getting me Assassin’s Creed 2 for Christmas so…yeah. 🙂 But it’s kind of scary when I log on and I’m the only officer around. It’s not that the others have disappeared from the game permanently, but when the officers** don’t make regular appearances I begin to wonder what members think. I know I’d be concerned.

So I think 3.3 can’t come soon enough. My guild needs it.

*LOL, I only have to run it about 5 more times to hit Exalted with Lower City! Soloing it is kind of fun! 🙂
**Actually one of them just RPs a lot on another server and needs to come back and entertain me on Vent if nothing else!!! Hell, Amber’s GM now and should be on Vent to entertain me too! And I’m too poor to transfer 10 toons to another server!!!

Raiding With Lyrandre

I had another rant post already waiting for today. In fact, I got quite rude and screenshotted a conversation from another player that really annoyed me. This coming on the tail of me getting worked up about the dumbing down of raiding, getting worked up over all the pally changes that are forthcoming, and the banning incident I posted about yesterday, I now have to be hassled by some crybaby because I apparently was killing him in Ironforge.

Since I’m sure I have your curiosity peaked, let me just say that I was camping around the Ironforge fire for Horde kills. I almost have the City Defender achievement. A few minutes later some level 65 druid logs on and starts hassling me about that being the only way I can get HKs. I ultimately told him to stop his bitching and he replied he was going to report me because it’s against the ToS.

First let me say that if you play on a PvP server, you’re going to get ganked. Actually if you play on any server and let yourself get flagged, you’re going to get ganked. Second, it’s still really easy for the most part to get in and get your fire. What I suspect is that this guy was a druid that I stunned and killed with the help of others before he could get his fire. He tried again and apparently got it based on my screenshot conversation but he still died again.

OK vulgarity is against the ToS. So is harrassment. And before you go blasting others about the ToS, you should probably read it yourself. I screenshotted the conversation just in case I get banned because if I do I’m going to get the guy for the simple fact of:

Paragraph 9.B.(viii) Communicate directly with players who are playing characters aligned with the opposite faction (e.g. Horde communicating with Alliance or vice versa);

So next time someone really pisses you off from the other faction, you better think twice about logging over to hassle them.

So on to the real point of the post.

Raiding With Lyrandre

Cause I know you all want to know what it’s like! 😀

Let me say that last night was a perfect example of why I like to raid. It’s also the reason why I didn’t post my rant I explained above. Maybe because I was in a bad mood it just made it all that much better when things went so well!!! We all showed up on time, we were all ready and then…

…one of our druids went afk for a family crisis and never came back…

LOL, well if it isn’t one thing…

I pointed out that it was pretty funny that it was her that complained we never start on time only 5 minutes before. 😀

We replaced her and failed at Ignis a few times, moved on to Deconstructor, hit Kologarn and Auriaya, then posed the question “Iron Council or Hodir”?

I think Lyrandre’s response was “Iron Council can diaf!!!” 🙂

To be honest I had mixed feelings about Hodir. Our attempt last week was bad to say the least. We got Hodir down to 80% or so I think. But Hodir it was. We grouped up, pulled the first trash, and…


I seem to recall LMAO! There was clever finger pointing going on and minor horsing around which was keeping the mood light and I have to say that’s when raiding is fun for me. When things get too serious I lose interest.  And last night?

Last night was awesome! The first two attempts were somewhat abyssmal. We didn’t get much past 80% again and it was frustrating. Then something happened that made everything click. Next thing I know I see Hodir down to 50%, 40%, 30%, 20%!!! I didn’t want to jinx it and said nothing. Others later admitted to the same thing. We were ecstatic!

Then we wiped at 16%. You have to love enrage.

We were so invigorated that we couldn’t stop there! We had to try again! It was already 10pm server which is end of raid, but we pushed on. Our next attempt fared even better!

Hodir wipe at 300k!!! OMG!!!

We were so close we could absolutely taste victory! It would have been a guild first, but for that damn enrage! If only one person hadn’t died early… /sigh

Anyway one more attempt almost had us down him again. Next week it’s a guarantee! Our guild’s first tier tokens will drop like rain! 😀

One additional cool thing about it was I got to raid with Maedchen again. We had Yarp our other holy pally who broke his two wrists a few weeks ago. The guy can still outheal anyone I know. He’s got a slightly different spec that I may need to copy because I checked his gear last night and it’s not better than mine. The dude rocks!!!

So what’s all that got to do with Lyrandre, you ask?

Unfortunately, I can’t share the best part with you as that happened on vent. As we got to Hodir Lyr began to explain the fight to all of us…umm…rather quickly. Imagine you’re at an auction. That guy in front putting stuff up for bid. Yeah the guy called the…umm…auctioneer, that’s it!

Lyr started spouting everything so damn fast I had to concentrate on hearing the entire thing. To her credit she hit all the points and the whole thing cracked me up. Which led to the following raid conversation as Mach re-explained on vent everything Lyr had just said. 😀


As you can see Lyr really likes to abuse the raid warning system. 🙂 The reminder for Atropus to jump was because he forgot last week and was extremely embarrassed when he realized why he died. But my favorite part was…

“Snow is bad, mmkay, except when it is good” because that’s as clear as mud! ROFL!

I love raiding with Amber! 😀

How Do You Tell Someone ‘You Suck’ Politely?

Last night I got invited to a PuG EoE group on Ky. Inevitably I always scan people’s gear to get a feeling for how it might go and one ret pally in the group looked as if he had just barely dinged 80. He was in quest greens/blues with one pvp epic that he obviously got in VoA. I recognized most of the items because they were the items I had when I hit 80 while leveling as ret. I groaned, but thought maybe the others will make up for it and in fact they did have much better gear.

We got to the 3rd phase relatively easy. There were DPS issues, but that was primarily due to a DK that hadn’t done this before and was having a hard time stacking buffs in first phase. The Raid Leader also let the ret pally go, but he did it in an interesting way for a pug group.

I wish I had a screenshot of exactly what he said, but he said something along the lines of “I hate to uninvite you, but you really need to be in at least Naxx gear to do this. As good as you are, sometimes gear is just absolutely necessary.” In all honesty, he really wasn’t that bad for his gear. He was pulling roughly 900 dps, which obviously isn’t enough for EoE, but given his gear still not bad. Anyway, there was a pause for a little while, but the pally agreed and no drama ensued.

We replaced the pally and were successful in downing Malygos. The Ice Spire Scepter dropped and for a moment I thought about not rolling for it. I have the mace from Heroic Nexus and it’s served me well, besides the Ice Spire Scepter has Spirit on it and I’m a pally. There was a priest in our group who wanted it as well. But then I thought, this is a pug group. I have as much right to it as the priest, because regardless of the Spirit the other stats are indeed an upgrade, so I rolled. I won! 🙂 Pretty happy about that. If it’d been a guild group or at least a guildie I was rolling against, I’d have passed.

This also led to my necklace upgrade from the 10 man quest given to me by Keristrasza after getting the EoE key. So two upgrades in one night as well as finishing Champion of the Frozen Wastes and getting my title**.

Thats a long @$$ name!!!

That's a long @$$ name!!!

Our guild leader was wanting to run HoL on his level 78 alt. I still need the achievements for that and to be honest wasn’t thinking and wanted to run that on heroic, but oh well. Either way, I was getting rep and some Wintergrasp Shards so it was all good. While in vent a question came up…

“I have a friend that plays a warlock and she wants to get into raiding, but she has no idea how to play her toon. How do I tell her she sucks?” It’s not verbatim, but that’s the gist of the question.

It appears our guildmate has tried to help her friend several times and has even gone as far as buying her equipment only to realize a few days later she’s replaced that equipment with downgrades and items with stats not applicable to her spec. Why? Because it looks pretty.

The advice that I and others gave was that she should approach her friend and ask her how serious she was about wanting to raid. If she’s serious about it, then she needs to be told that she needs to reach a certain standard or chances are she will be ridiculed quite rudely. A casual guild might be more forgiving, but raiding guilds and definitely pugs are not. I told our guildmate she should point her friend to the right websites for talents, gear, and stats.

Either way it’s a tough thing to handle, especially with your friends. How do you tell someone you like that they suck?

Happy Birthday!

(WordPress has been a little buggy the past few days so I can’t post a pic. I’ll do it later.)

I’m extremely busy with work and to be honest don’t have an idea what to write about today so I’m gonna cheat again.

If I’m not a complete moron (i.e. remembering the wrong day), it’s Ambrosyne’s birthday so go over there and bug her about it!

Happy Birthday, Amber!!! 🙂