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Paladin (85)

Kyrilean is my first toon created.  I started in June 2007 with very little knowledge of the game and what to do.  I selected a paladin, because I’ve always been drawn to the holy warrior type that fights for right and justice.

Initially Kyrilean was a protection paladin all through about level 65.  It was a long and arduous process full of frustrations as I didn’t understand enough of the game mechanics to realize that there was a much easier way to level.  At the time, the guild needed healers and not tanks so I respec’d and through trial and error finally learned how to do that.  Derogatory comments about my abilities only pushed me further until I became what I consider to be an excellent healer.

As of 3/7/2009, Kyrilean is now known by his full name Kyrileanthos (forced name change) after moving to the Azgalor (US) PVP server.

Currently Holy / Prot spec’d.

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