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Dealing With Burnout

I think I have to face the fact that I’m burned out. Let’s face it, I’ve played this game almost every day for two years and it’s wearing on me. It’s reflective in my posts where I bitch about the game. Don’t get me wrong I still love WoW. I love raiding with my guildies. But there are nights I absolutely dread logging in…

Last night was our Ulduar run. Mach wanted to mix things up and get a few new people in that haven’t been before. I volunteered to sit out as I’m burned out in general. I feel quite selfish actually. Even logging in to my level 6 mage didn’t last longer than 5 boar kills.

But I noticed something last night. I hadn’t logged in to the game for a couple of days and aside from a short time to post a few auctions on Saturday, or maybe Sunday, I hadn’t logged in all weekend either. It felt great. I didn’t dread logging in last night and wouldn’t have minded going to Ulduar either.

What I have been doing is spending time just hanging out with the family and playing another game. I used to be a heavy console gamer. I’ve always liked PC games, but got tired of always having to upgrade my computer every so often. At least with consoles, I was good until the next model came out, which is way cheaper.

Anyway, I think I need more time away from WoW. That isn’t to say I won’t show up for raids, etc. but I think I need to forget about spending so much time going after little achievements, playing the AH, gearing up and leveling alts, and even blogging. So I apologize if my posts start coming fewer and farther between, but I’m running out of ideas. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere, just taking a few breaks. Three more weeks until my vacation. Woohoo!

Anyway, yesterday was one of the best times I’ve ever had playing Call of Duty on the XBox. I was playing Headquarters in the Station. My team lost by a few points, which normally frustrates me to no end. For a guy that likes a casual and calm approach to WoW, I’m a guy that has to keep his headset muted for CoD. But I wasn’t frustrated by that game last night as I led the way with 92 kills and 33 deaths! Believe you me, I was L.M.A.O. when the game was over and saw my score! I’ve only gotten upwards of 60 kills a couple of times with an average more along the lines of 35-40.

It was a good day. 😀


3 Responses

  1. I was in much the same boat as you a couple of months ago. The simple solution: Quit WoW for a bit. I spent a month fiddling around with City of Heroes and came back to leap straight into WoW again. Hell, even doing tournament dailies doesn’t bother me anymore!

  2. Man, headquarters is a ballin way to rack up kills, I can remember in COD4 when we would play bog…. I went something around 130-10 one game. Gets to the point where you want to die to get another chopper

  3. @Kakura – How is City of Heroes? I’ve been curious, but not brave enough to look into it. Last thing I need is two MMOs.

    @Your left shoe – LOL! Yeah it’s a battle between seeing how high you can get your kill streak and just wanting to die to get more dogs. Since my killstreak high is 27 (amazingly didn’t beat it last night) I usually just go ballistic and see how long it takes to die. 🙂

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