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Gruul’s Lair; What Not To Do In A Raid!; and Forgive & Forget

We attempted Gruul’s Lair for the first time last Tuesday and it wasn’t great. We were using Teamspeak and unfortunately the person’s computer wasn’t capable of handling 25 users with success. The result was a garbled mess that very few people could understand.

But the real reason for attempting the raid was to get a feel for where we needed to be. We currently have 59 players in our guild with 97 toons at last count and I think close to 75% of those being level 70. So there’s really no reason not to be able to do 25 man raids except that we have had a hard time loggnig the right people in at the same time.

Well, aside from the communication problems, we had ppl not paying attention in raid chat and were filling it up with clutter. We did make it to High King with relative ease, but coordinating 25 people, only about 5 who knew at least one way to approach the fight, became a chaotic mess. But here’s WHAT NOT TO DO IN A RAID!


If you’re in a voice chat program with 25 people listening in, make sure when you’re in another chat program that the appropriate one is muted before making negative comments.

Perhaps people didn’t approach the raid with an attitude that this would be a learning experience. Perhaps they thought it would be free loot. Perhaps they still don’t realize how undergeared they are even for Kara. More than likely it’s all of these things.

We had one hunter get so frustrated that he evidently was talking to someone in voice chat and started saying “These assholes…” when talking about the two raid leaders not listening to his advice on how to approach the fight. Ironically, he’s also one of the most undergeared we had there and although he acted like he had been in there a hundred times, his gear didn’t show it. In fact, one officer recalled him mentioning something about running it a lot, but when we finally called the raid the hunter asked “Are we moving on to Gruul?”

Now I don’t know how many of you might understand how Gruul’s works, but the door to continue is locked until you down High King. So my response was no we can’t. His sarcastic comment was “Can’t or won’t?”, to which the other officer responded “Haven’t you run this a hundred times?” Anyway, the hunter was then kicked from the guild after the raid by another officer who tried to settle down, but couldn’t. Due to the poor voice chat only about half the raid heard what the hunter had said.

Moral of the story: Keep your cool or keep your mouth shut!

Forgive & Forget

The following day the hunter contacts our GM with a story that he was over at a friend’s house and while he was in the bathroom his friend began to mess with his game by purposely stating those comments for us to hear. Evidently he’s done this before on XBox360 and supposedly his friend and he sound a lot alike.

So we gave him the chance to explain his story to all officers and I spent several minutes listening intently to see if I could tell a difference in voice from what I remembered. There may be a difference, I don’t know. Bottom line, we decided to give the guy a chance.

I told him that regardless if his story was true or not, the majority of the guild were not going to believe it, the officers included. I’m one who’s generally willing to give someone another chance, in some cases several chances. Everyone says something stupid from time to time that they don’t mean. This hunter was going to have to spend some time gaining the trust of the members and officers, but if he was willing to work on it I would vote him back in. We’ll see if it was a wise decision

I also mentioned that he may not agree with what the raid leaders were doing, but when it comes to organizing 25 people, everyone has to listen to the appointed leaders regardless of who stupid they think it is or chaos ensues. I explained our purpose that night was to see where we stood and what we needed to do to make things work in the future. It was never about downing High King, though we did think we had a good shot at it. We were short two healers, but given the right make up and gear we could have done it still. There were issues with people listening, which was in part to the voice program, but instructions were issued in raid chat that still weren’t followed

This was a learning experience and in general enjoyable for most. (To be honest, I was bored to tears because most of it was sitting around waiting for the raid leaders to decide what to do

Gruul Revisited

On Saturday our GM organized a joint run with another guild that is in much the same boat we are, supposedly in that they don’t have enough of the right geared people to run 25 man raids. (I actually want to look into this myself, because quite frankly I think we might be better situated than they. I was told today we were offered an invite to join their guild yesterday. No offense, this pally ain’t going anywhere!) They brought half the people and we brought half. Ironically, we brought all the tanks which may be why they have a hard time running stuff

For the first time in a long time, I was not the most geared healer in a raid. That was weird, but man was it a weight off my shoulders! There were two holy pallies from their guild that were more geared than I, as well as a priest. I think in all we brought 4 healers and they brought 4. Anyway, I got assigned to raid heal which was an odd decision in my opinion as a couple of tanks didn’t have a pally healer, but who am I to question why

OK, I usually avoid bragging, but screw it! At the end of the night, I had the highest overall healing by a good 200k and even on a couple of the individual boss attempts had the highest. I also was #6 on the overheals and around 30% so I felt real good about that! Not sure how that happens when assigned to raid healing and the tanks are taking the most damage, but it happened

Anyway, we got the loot and one of each class token dropped. Yours truly rolled against one of our rogues to win the Tier 4 shoulders. Everyone from the other guild passed. The other two tokens were also won by members of our guild in addition to the other piece of loot. So we cleaned house. We continued on to Gruul and had asked that some of our members pass on Gruul loot to allow the other guild to get something

Unfortunately after several wipes we gave up when members of the other guild started to leave. We got him down to 25%, 12%, 2%, and 14%. I can’t remember the last attempt, but it went up as people got tired. The 2% fight was very disappointing since we had just lost too much dps near the end.

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