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Awesome Raids!

I had a post all set for today, but I’m going to postpone that one for tomorrow. Ironically it ties in to this post in a big way!

Last night was one of the most fun raid nights I’ve had in a long time! We were continuing our Ulduar10 run from last Wednesday and started with Auriaya where we wiped a couple of times, I think, but she went down. I got an offspec Ret chestpiece. 🙂

So we moved on to The Assembly of Iron and let me tell you that Steelbreaker is an absolute bitch to heal through! I have to spam several Holy Lights to make things happen, but last night we had our illustrious Guild Master pally tanking and he was cleansing himself and a priest cleansing which made it so much easier to heal him. If you have a pally healer and someone who can cleanse the debuff, assign the cleanse to the other healer and have the pally cast Holy Light timing it to heal at the right time. It makes that part of the fight that much easier. I was always making the mistake of trying to cleanse and then heal which delayed my heals and others were often faster at cleansing than I was anyway.

Anyway, we wiped several times, I lost count. You could tell the frustration was building, but it wasn’t bad or at least I didn’t think it was. By the time we called it we had made what I consider good progress. We wiped twice without killing Steelbreaker. Then we were killing him and wiping on Runemaster Molgeim. The lightning and green stuff kept killing us, but I felt we got better each time.

I had a blast and I even said so. Lyrandre said I was crazy. We didn’t quite get there, but we made progress and people were improving.

Tomorrow I’ll post what I think makes a True Raider.

Oh and as a follow up to yesterday’s post, ironically I got my shammy into a regular Gundrak and scored two drops for healing (although the cape has +hit) and completed two quests netting me two blues for healing as well. Hooray for guildies! So I might have to try healing now. And I got Ky into some battlegrounds and WG which means I have enough for another PvP piece. Maybe there’s something to ranting and raving after all. 😛 And I sold 6 stacks of 6 Snowfall Ink @ 35 gold/ea netting me a nice 1260 gold. 😀

Damn it was a good day yesterday! 😀

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